Posted by: johnthelibertine | July 25, 2008

John Doe Training rebrands; launches new serious games LMS product

iNERTIA corporate ident

iNERTIA corporate ident

Idaho. – July 25, 2008 – Leading training services provider John Doe Training Associates has announced that it has re-branded as iNERTIA Action Worlds and is shortly to release its new flagship 3D serious immersive worlds-based LMS system, code-named ‘Shoehorn.’

iNERTIA is based on a small homestead close to Buckingham, which is a short train journey from Fruitland which is down the I84 and slightly north of New Plymouth which is near Boise, the State Capital of Idaho and is well-known locally for it’s agricultural training expertise.

“We were inspired to re-brand the business after seeking expert advice from the unusual source of a 14 year-old son of the community Preacher, The Rev Herbert Carbuncle III,” said iNERTIA’s Head of Wizzy Things, Hillary Mae Bakowski. “He is 14, was inspirational and gave us advice,” she explained.

For reasons which SGS don’t quite understand, Reverend Carbuncle’s son, goes under the ‘gamer tag’ of MaGNuMaTRoN_42424527_p. A ‘gamer tag’ is, apparently, an online persona that computer videogame-playing children use to identify themselves to each other in messily multilayered online games, or MMOG’s.

“MaGNuMaTRoN_42424527_p explained that the internet is all online now and getting more so with every day so we felt that the time was right to embrace the future and move our business online.” Recognizing that the company’s agricultural training services might be a barrier to growth, however, Bakowski, sharp cookie that she is, spent several days searching Google to find hot new topics and found herself intrigued by the Serious games-based immersive virtual 3D worlds 2.0 movement.

“The Serious games-based immersive virtual 3D worlds 2.0 movement is intriguing but I was told by Farmer Giles, who lives next door, that client purchasing decisions are driven by complacence requirements so I thought to myself, what if we could align new-fangled games technology to a Learning Massive System (LMS)?” A few days later, after selling the family pick-up and Bakowski had her expansion capital and iNERTIA Learning was born (again).

Although iNERTIA has experienced challenges in hiring experienced C#, ASP.NET, Debby Does Rails and MS DOS developers in Buckingham, she is confident that ‘Shoehorn’ will be released in time for Thanksgiving 2008. “After that, we look forward to demonstrating the power of serious games-based immersive virtual 3D worlds 2.0 LMS’s to Fortune 500 corporations”.

The future certainly looks rosy in Huntingdon thanks to MaGNuMaTRoN_42424527_p’s advice and Bakowski’s eye for an opportunity.


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