Posted by: johnthelibertine | July 27, 2008

Using Crowd Sourcing to “simulate everything”

Simulating everything with crowds

Simulating everything with crowds

FREDERICK, Maryland – July 27, 2008 –  “There is now no need for a virtual ‘second life’…your real life is about to enter cyberspace.” So claims Tommy McFury, CEO of WeAreTheWorld in an exclusive interview with The Sauce at The Seriously Synthetic Worlds conference in Maryland this week.

WeAreTheWorld has been the topic of fierce debate for quite some time now in the 3D simulated synthetic environments market place. Many people have wondered what WeAreTheWorld would offer that was different from other synthetically virtual world providers out there like BeenThereDoneIt, 22nd Lives, @Work and World of Penguins.

“We’re blending the graphical immersion of 3D worlds with the wisdom of the crowds. Our aim is to create an unbeatable level of simulation and synthetic environment detail. We’re going to mashup your first life with your second life; to allow people to literally upload their world into @everywhere®, our back-end system.”

McFury explained; “We felt that people wanted more than the simple mashup of Goygal Earth with external content sources such as FlikHer, UpTheTube and The Hitler Channel so we asked a whole bunch of people in our finance department what they thought we should do.” The answer came through loud and clear – apparently:

“Let The Crowd™ build the virtual real world in real virtual time, in enormously synthetic real virtual detail in all it’s virtually-real 3D glory”.

WeAreTheWorld is therefore mashupping 3D worlds with the collective knowledge of The Crowd™ and localizing it in the enormous city-sized server farms behind @everywhere® to enable anything that happens ‘out there’ to be simultaneously replicated ‘in there’.

“Picture this; you could be absolutely anywhere, for example Knoxville in Tennessee, and you notice a leaf fall from a tree in your backyard. By simply firing up your Wintel PC, opening the @everywhere® application, downloading the bi-weekly 500Mb update, entering the reception room, get in your virtual Chevvy sedan, drive to your virtual backyard, click on your virtual tree then follow the following procedure:

tools>> environment>> edit>> select object>> falling leaves>>toggle on

….you can make the virtual leaf fall from your virtual tree”.

“You tell us your newspaper delivery happened….and virtual newspaper is delivered to your virtual house. Your Tivo packs up in your real world and …bingo…your virtual Tivo is kaput also. The opportunities are endless,” said McFury.

The Sauce agree and cannot wait to virtually start using @everywhere®.


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