Posted by: johnthelibertine | September 2, 2008

New Serious Games RFP – exciting project!

The Sauce has been asked to circulate this exciting RFP from BHI.


Request for Proposals
Multiplayer ‘Serious Game’ engine/tools for Butterfly Husbandry

Date: today

Please visit for a detailed specification and for full commercial terms and conditions.


Butterfly Heavy Industries (NASDIQ: BHi inc) is a world leading provider of specialist Butterfly insemination, incubation and offspring husbandry technologies. The company employs 117,000 staff in 38 countries, including Canada, and has an enterprise-wide eLearning Training Management Information system in place (SAPA 6). This RFP is for a seriously virtual synthetic 3D simulated game (or ‘serious game’) engine, WYSIWYG editor, social networking web page, infrastructure and hosting, related learning evaluation studies  and internal marketing communications campaign. BHI is seeking a highly experienced development partner that can demonstrate a solid pedigree in developing ‘serious games’ for the butterfly husbandry industry,

Technical Requirements

We are seeking the following features from the development partner:
•    A full 3D ‘roam aroundy’ game of the quality of Heylo 3, Bioshocked and Pacman.
•    Missively Multiplayer capability (minimum 2 people playing together)
•    Online (browser-based delivery)
•    Photorealistic real time, 5 pass 3D rendering texture thingies.
•    Avatars of all 117,000 of our staff
•    Automatic translation on the fly (text and VOIP) to overcome language barriers between remote groups
•    Artificial intelligence
•    A WYSIWYG editor that our eLearning team can use to rapidly create game with the minimum of bother or effort
•    Exclusive use of HTML 3.2 and JPEG technology in game to ensure compliance with our internal IT infrastructure.

Non-game requirements

The subcontractor shall be required to perform learning evaluation and organizational impact assessment (Captain KirkPatrick/Fillips Level 6). In addition the subcontractor shall be required to provide all ‘back end’ IT servers and hosting services and related 24 hour end user technical and learner support (telephone and email).


Due to a shortage in internal subject matter experts we require that the subcontractor is able to leverage internal SME resource and, ideally, has worked in the field of Butterfly Husbandry previously.


– Release of RFP – today
– Return of proposal to BHI – tomorrow
– BHI decision – sometime in the 6 weeks after that
– Provision of Alpha – 2 weeks later
– Provision of Beta – 1 week later
– Final ‘go live’ – 1 week later.

Budget & financial information

BHI’s standard terms are 330 days from receipt of correctly formatted invoice based on agreed payment milestones.

The expected budget for this project, inclusive of IT systems and related services is US$12,500.


Suppliers should provide a RFP response of no less than 87 pages, printed in colour, bound (12 copies) by overseas commercial carrier.


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