Posted by: johnthelibertine | September 23, 2008

Serious games fighting knife crime

Ded Missed - serious games against knife crime

Ded Missed - serious games against knife crime

LONDON, UK – September 23rd, 2008: In a press release that will have Fleet Street journalists salivating in a fit of headline-writing orgasms, London-based virtually serious game developer, Doh! Studios, announced that it is working on a 3D ‘serious game’ aimed at reducing knife crime.

The game, tentatively called ‘Ded Missed’, will allow players to control a habitual violent offender, called ‘Killer Kenny’ through the streets of London’s East End. In a very clever twist, the apparent in-game objectives and the social purpose of the game are quite different.

Killer Kenny gains reward points for the number of innocent people who he maims or kills with a variety of household items including a kitchen knife, wooden spoon, iron, trouser press and, bizarrely, a copy of the Yellow Pages. The violence is profoundly vivid and will no doubt earn the game an 18+ rating, however the developer claims that their goal is actually to set out to try to reduce knife crime.

As Jeremiah Healey-Smythe, CEO of Doh! Studios explained: “Knife crime is on the increase. You only have to talk to the bloke in the pub to know this. We thought it would be a great idea to make a videogame based around knife (and other) based violence in an effort to show kids how bad it is.”

When pressed to justify this claim by one of the assembled media, Healey-Smythe explained further: “Yes we don’t deny that we sought to make an intrinsically satisfying game where excessive violent behavior towards innocent members of the public is the basis for success – through the ‘bloodometer’ – but the point we would like to emphasize is that by doing so, the ‘serious games’ element of our design philosophy comes in to play. We fully expect players to be morally and psychologically affected by the game to the extent that they will shun the carrying of knives.

Ded Missed is set for release in August 2012 and The Sauce cannot wait to get our hands on working code and to max out the ‘Bloodometer’. In the meantime we won’t be carrying a knife around…not that we ever did!



  1. Another way of reducing knife crime and violence games/learning simulations is to make the game play really bad and graphics really poor, leaving the game completely unsatisfied when they beat old ladies to death. Hopefully people who play this will transfer this to really life refraining from resorting to violence as a means of pleasure/excitement and seek this in the more acceptable method of recreational use of drugs

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