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Altovwood Werks, ‘games pedagogy’ & BigLargeCo

BOSTON, Massachusetts. – July 24, 2008 – Web 2.7 media darlings Altovwood Werks today announced that the firm has successfully deployed an 8th generation immersive eLearning application for global heavy industry conglomerate BigLargeCo Inc. Read More…

Posted by: johnthelibertine | July 24, 2008

The Institute of Virtual Hairdryers

Di Instituto di Virtualismo Air Dryer

Di Instituto di Virtualismo Air Dryer



MILAN, Italy. – July 24, 2008, The Politecnico di Milano today launched the much-anticipated Institute of Virtual Hairdryers, a €701 million EU European Depraved Regional Fund (EDRF) funded-centre of excellence for seriously virtual 3D game simulation worlds and related technologies.

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GUILFORD, Surrey. – July 23, 2008 UTC – A new report by unknown Hungarian academic, Dr. Evil (Ph.D) has concluded that the serious 3D virtual immersion worlds market is almost very probably likely set to be “worth in excess of one gazillion US dollars by the year 2027”.


Dr. Evil’s extensive research, carried out over the course of an afternoon last Friday and using staple desk research tools such as Google and Excel pivot tables, adds further weight to the widespread belief that serious 3D virtual immersion worlds are set to replace all current forms of education, corporate training, emergency response, disaster management preparation and human procreation over the next decade (or so).


A full (2 page, large font) copy of the report might possibly be found somewhere on the interweb.

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22nd Lives deploy world-construction tools for the real world

Virtual world behemoth, 22nd Lives moves into real world construction industry.


MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. – July 23, 2008 UTC – Amidst rampant media speculation, 22 Lives Inc. today announced it is to release 22L World Construction Set – a free domestic home construction software tool to the US construction industry.


22L World Construction Set is the first Virtual World application tool to successfully migrate from the PC to the building site,” according to 22L’s CEO Imayda Paquett. “No longer do construction firms have to work with raw materials like bricks, cement, concrete and wood to build high quality domestic dwellings, retail or industrial buildings. Now all you need to do is create a few primitives, some single-pass texture maps, set a few materials properties and hey presto…your new family home is published.”

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